Faces work best.  Try to send a photo with the subject’s face prominent in the photo. The weave used to create your pillow is big so small features or details sometimes get lost in the translation from photograph to weave.  Leave enough room around the subject’s face for seam allowance and to frame the face.

Original photo

Photo cropped

Final product


This photo needs more room around Ollie's head to frame it center.  Because of the convex shape of the pillow, it would pull it's face to the edges and create a fisheye effect.

This photo would have cropped off too much

of Ollie’s head.

This photo works best for cropping. We adjusted the levels to brighten it up and added some highlights to the eyes to make them pop better.

Final product

seam edge

cut edge


The same photo with a solid background makes the subject stand out better.  We can isolate a subject if needed like this.

Final product

The photo has a busy background.  It distracts from the image..


Backgrounds of similar color to the subject can make the it hard to differentiate between the two.

If needed we can isolate the subject like this to make it stand out at an additional charge.

Final product


We’ll crop your photo to a square format, adjust the color, and send for your approval before we make it.

We adjusted the color, added more grass to the bottom of the photo then cropped the original photo to balance the subject front and center.

Final product


We can accept jpg, eps, tiff, and psd formats.  We prefer jpg photos compressed.


What resolution is best?


The size of the photo should be from 4mg to 10mg (approximately 1200px X 1500px to 1600px X 2100px) for best resolution.  Most photos are in a rectangular format which is fine.  We’ll crop it to a square format to fit the pillow.

If you need the photo cropped use a higher resolution.  We’ll let you know if your photo is too small to reproduce.


Can black and white photos work?


Yes.  Black and white photos look great.  You’ll see specks of color in the pillow weave because the weave uses

many colors but the overall look will be black and white with blue tones.


Can I use any photo?


We can only accept photos for which you own the copyrights to.  Celebrity photos or photos from sources which you

do not have the rights to are unlawful to reproduce.

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