Custom services are available for an additional fee determined upon request varying from $10-$25.

No fee for simple cropping of photo to fit pillow format and adjusting levels.



Isolating a figure is a way to make your favorite subject the center of attention.  We like how a black background helps make them pop and it will match the color of our black pillow back fabric.  Natural is another choice for a lighter look that coordinates with our natural back fabric as well.

Charlie looked like he would meld into the color of his favorite sofa so we isolated his image with a black background and now he’s where he should be (off the sofa!).

The original photo had a busy background that distracted from the boy’s face. We isolated his image with a black background (like our pillow back color) to make his cute face pop. (additional charges for photo retouching)



Colorizing a photo is a way to make it coordinate with your decor.  We can take a color or black and white photo and add a color fill to make it work with your living quarters.



Don’t have a digital photo or scanner?  Let’s turn those photos you have stashed in a drawer into a treasured item you cozy up to.


Please send your photo to in a trackable and nonbendable package and we’ll scan it for you.


Order your photo and request our address to send your photo.


When we receive it we’ll let you know and return it with your pillow.


No photos over 8” X 10” please.                                 Questions?  email us

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