DQtrs was started to create designs for home, work, and life that harness new technology to combine past, present, and future.  It enhances our living quarters to create environments that not only decorate our lives but enrich it with a new dialog for the 21st Century.   Part of that dialogue is the collaboration of artists and designers to create work for DQtrs in limited editions.

DQtrs views it’s audience as patrons not consumers.  Our patrons are
there because they support our goals of a more sustainable model and contemporary view of what design can be.

Joseph Abbati is the Creative Director and founder.  His background includes fashion design, creative direction, and brand marketing for 3 Fortune 500 retailers. A web page featuring some of his interior design work is featured here: Joseph Abbati Design

A video shot of the space he designed in Dallas can be seen here at “inthemo”: Joseph Abbati Video Interview

His site of all his work is at JosephAbbati.com

As other new production means become available DQtrs will expand it’s assortment to other product such as furniture, bags, bedding, tableware, and art pieces. 

Customization is available.  DQtrs is excited to work with other designers and retailers to provide more personalized product.

Packaging is minimal and only used when necessary.  This is part of a sustainability built into the product. 

We’d love to hear from you.  About what you’d like to see or what you have done with our products.  Email us or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.


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